GVT004: Josh Ten Pah - Remember In A Future

Catalog: GVT004;

Type: Single;

Release Name: Remember In A Future;

Artist: Josh Ten Pah;

Genre: Deep House;

Label: G V Team Records;

Release Date: November 5Th, 2017;

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GVT003: Josh Ten Pah - Undo (Single)

Catalog: GVT003;

Type: Single;

Release Name: Undo;

Artist: Josh Ten Pah;

Genre: Deep House;

Label: G V Team Records;

Release Date: October 18Th, 2017;

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GVT002: Gregory Vrt - Do Not Forget (Single)

Catalog: GVT002;

Type: Single;

Release Name: Do Not Forget;

Artist: Gregory Vrt;

Genre: Dance / Progressive House;

Label: G V Team Records;

Release Date: October 4Th, 2017;

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GVT001: Gregory Vrt - Memoirs (Single) 

Catalog: GVT001;

Type: Single;

Release Name: Memoirs;

Artist: Gregory Vrt;

Genre: Dance / Progressive House;

Label: G V Team Records;

Release Date: September 20Th, 2017;

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GVTR001: Gregory Vrt - Memoirs (Single)


Catalog: GVTR001

Release: Single

Title: Memories

Artist: Gregory Vrt

Release Date: November 1th, 2015

Record Label: G.V. Team Records

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